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Minkus Family Farms, New Hampton NY

Minkus Family Farms- Farm Story
Minkus Family Farms, specializing in growing onions for sale and wholesale to major food retailers, is owned and operated by Rick Minkus and Family.

Rick’s passion for farming started as a young adult. During his High School years he developed his farming skills by raising 10 acres of onions and pumpkins.

After High School he took a job at a local farm co-op (Agway) spraying and fertilizing for farmers throughout the Orange County region, all the while continuing to grow his own crops. For a few years Rick decided to try his hand at Dairy farming and then decided his passion for farming leaned more toward growing produce.

A Real Family Farm
In 1993 he was given the opportunity to buy a 50 percent share of a 60 acre onion farm. This is what launched him on the path that he is on today.
As land became available over the years they increased the size of the farm to 120 acres.
They built a new building to accommodate the larger operation which is the same building which houses the packing operation for Minkus Family Farms today.
In 2002, Rick’s partner decided to retire and Rick bought him out. Today Rick’s sons Joe and Tom have become a vital to farm operation, while his wife Geri, a CPA, handles the bookkeeping and accounting work.

Quality Onions Grown in Orange County NY
We have grown to be the largest producer of quality onions in the black dirt region of Orange County New York due to constant investments in education, new technology, and equipment for both production and storage. The family farm operation now exceeds 1000 acres of owned and leased land. The main crop is onions grown, packaged and sold wholesale to major food retailers, but the family has diversified into growing several crops including spring mix lettuces and grain crops. Read more about our onions.